The Pentacon Six System
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The History of the Pentacon Six

The Agiflex II

Dates: 1949/50-1954(?)

The Agiflex II of 1949 or 1950

It would appear that the camera was gradually changed and improved, with the name “Agiflex II” finally being first applied to the camera in 1949 or 1950.  (However, there is no “I” or “II” on the body of any Agiflex I or II.)  This version included a slow speed dial with speeds down to 2 seconds, like the Reflex-Korelle II.  There was also flash synchronisation via a two-pin flash connection.

The earlier Agiflex II had the same bayonet mount as the original Agiflex, but later cameras had a larger-diameter bayonet mount, with an adapter available to take the earlier lenses.  I can definitely fit my earlier Agiflex I Agilux onto my Agiflex II via the adapter, but for some reason the small-mount Agilux that came with the Agiflex II will not fit on the older Agiflex I camera.  I am not sure whether this is down to poor manufacturing tolerances, or a deliberate change in some point in the lens mount to prevent it being used on the older camera.  The Agiflex II Agilux with the mount adapter does fit easily onto the subsequent Agiflex III camera, and the Agiflex III standard lens fits on the Agiflex II if the adapter is removed.

Accessories included extension tubes for close-up/macro work, a back for 6.5×9 cm glass plates and a 16cm f/5.6 long focus lens (for which the wider mount was necessary, to avoid vignetting).

In 1953 it was priced at £78 10s 0d (£78.50p).

As you can see from the advertisement from the British Journal Almanac reproduced on the right, a range of “bloomed” lenses from 80 to 300mm was available, as well as extension tubes.

In the image below, the top view shown reveals some of the similarities and differences between the three cameras.  Note that the Reflex Korelle II was considerably slimmer than the Agiflex I and II.  It also weighed a lot less.  The extra weight of the Agiflexes was in part due to the heavy body, but also to the much heavier lens that was used.


Advert for the Agi II in the 1953 issue
of the British Journal of Photography Almanac
Click on the image to see a larger version.


From L to R: Agiflex I, Reflex Korelle II, Agiflex II

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