The Pentacon Six System
by TRA

The History of the Pentacon Six

The Hanimex Praktica 66

Dates: probably 1968 – 1969/1970

The “Hanimex Praktica 66”

This was merely a Pentacon Six re-badged for various export markets, principally the USA.  To the best of my understanding, Hanimex was an Australian importer and exporter of photographic equipment.  This helped to create a complicated paper trail that made it harder to trace the exact origin of the camera, and it enabled the camera salesperson to refer to Australia instead of East Germany as the supposed country of origin of the camera.


It was apparently always fitted with two flash sockets, one for X and the other for FP synchronisation.

The underside of the camera in the top picture

As with the Pentacon Six TL camera prepared for export to the USA (see previous page), the body of this Hanimex Praktica 66 is labelled “MADE IN GERMANY (EAST)”, although this is not marked on this particular lens, which does, however, have a standard “export ring” fitted with the designation “Bm” instead of “Biometar” and “aus JENA” instead of “CARL ZEISS JENA”.

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