Medium Format Lenses with the Pentacon Six Mount
A comparative test
by TRA


The results I describe were obtained with the lenses used in the tests.  I am aware thatespecially in the case of Arsenalthere can be quality control problems leading to substantial variations in the finish of different products, and this may of course affect the optical performance.

Carl Zeiss Jena and Pentacon had a reputation for reliably producing high-quality products.  However, as their lenses are now only available second-hand, and some lenses may be substantially more than 30 years old, purchasers are advised to have them professionally serviced, to ensure that they achieve their potential.

Joseph Schneider lenses in the Exakta 66 mount have been manufactured over a much shorter period of time (possibly 15 years), and many items are at the time of writing available new or nearly-new.

I can of course accept no liability for any decision about purchase, use or sale of any item taken by any person who may have visited this website.  Another person’s resultswith different examples of the same lensescould be different from mine.  I merely share in good faith the results that I have obtained with the particular lenses available to me.

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