The Pentacon Six System
by TRA

Is there an adapter to enable me to use Pentacon Six lenses on a Hasselblad/
Hasselblad lenses on a Pentacon Six?

Q: Hello, congratulations on your web site! I wonder if there are adapters for Hasselblad lenses to Pentacon mount to use the Hartblei teleconverter.
Thanks. Best regards from Italia. G

A: Hello G,
There is no commercially-produced adapter to enable Pentacon Six mount lenses to be used on Hasselblad V-series cameras (500 C/M, etc) and no adapter to use Hasselblad mount lenses on Pentacon Six mount cameras.

There is a difference between the two camera systems in the distance between the back of the lens and the film plane, but not enough space to take an adapter.  Other differences between the two systems make converters difficult or impossible:

1) the 500-series Hasselblad cameras require the lens to have a built-in shutter, which none of the Pentacon Six mount lens have, though the Hasselbald cameras with a focal plane shutter do not require the lens to have a shutter;
2) the lenses for the Hasselblad 500-series cameras require a mechanism to open, then close and then fire the shutter and to stop down the lens aperture.  This is activated by Hasselblad cameras by rotation a spindle within the lens.  There is no way to activate this from a Pentacon Six mount camera.
3) the two lens mounts are of different diameters, but there is not enough space to allow for the addition of an adapter.

A few people have converted individual Pentacon Six mount lenses to work on a Hasselblad camera with a focal plane shutter.  However, this requires engineering skills and is likely to cost more than the price of a used body of either make.

The only real way to use Pentacon Six mount lenses on a medium format camera is to buy a Pentacon Six (+ TL) or compatible camera (Praktisix/ Kiev 60/ Exakta 66/ Kiev 88CM).  The only way to use Hasselblad mount lenses on a medium format camera is to buy a Hasselblad.

For those who complain that the Pentacon Six does not have interchangeable backs, the answer is simple: you can buy a second Pentacon Six body for less than the cost of a Hasselblad back, and it comes complete with its own shutter and mounts for a lens and a viewfinder of your choice!

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