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Lens Hoods (Shades) for Pentacon Six Lenses

Part 3


Numerous 80mm lenses are available in the Pentacon Six mount, as detailed elsewhere on this website.

Here are illustrations of  the lens hoods supplied by the manufacturers for the Carl Zeiss Jena Biometar and the Schneider Kreuznach 80mm lenses.
80mm Biometar

The lens hood for the 80mm Biometar (right) is seldom seen.  Here it is, mounted on the lens.


Here is an alternative angle that shows the shape of the lens hood more clearly:


80mm lenses for the Exakta 66

All the 80mm lenses supplied for the Exakta 66 have the same 67mm filter thread and on the outside of the lens an outer bayonet mount for the shade, which therefore fits all of them.

The overall impression of the Exakta 66 with its Xenotar lens and lens shade is very pleasing.


80mm lenses forthe Kiev 60 and Kiev 88

Arsenal usually supplied a collapsible rubber lens hood in the outfit case with its Kiev 60 and Kiev 88 cameras.  Like most rubber products, this becomes somewhat brittle after a couple of decades.


Two 120mm lenses are available in the Pentacon Six mount:

  • the Carl Zeiss Jena 120mm Biometar
  • the Arsenal 120mm Vega.
Lens hoods are available for both of these lenses.

120mm Biometar

To the right: the 120mm Biometar with the somewhat rare Carl Zeiss Jena lens hood (and a UV filter) mounted.


120mm Vega
This lens appears generally to be supplied without the lens hood.  I don’t know if this reflects the fact that amateurs often under-estimate the value of lens hoods, and perhaps fail to use theirs, thereafter forgetting to offer it (or even failing to find it!) when they offer their lenses for sale.

Arsenal Vega lens and hood

This square lens hood can be rotated once it has been screwed fully home onto the lens or onto an attached filter, in order to be aligned with the edges of the frame.


Three 150mm lenses are available in the Pentacon Six mount:

  • the f/4 Schneider Kreuznach Tele-Xenar
  • the f/2.8 Arsenal Kaleinar
  • the f/2.8 Hartblei 150mm lens.
Lens hoods are available for all of these lenses, although the hood for the Kaleinar/Hartblei is hard to find.

150mm Tele-Xenar

The hood that I received when I bought this lens new in 2001 was in fact the same as the hood that Schneider-Kreuznach supplied with the 80mm lenses, and is even labelled “80”!  However, unless one were shooting almost into a light source, the shading provided by this hood would be more than sufficient.



However, a lens hood specific to this lens was produced, and I illustrate it below.

The correct hood for the 150mm Tele-Xenar

The 150mm lens hood is in fact no taller than the 80mm hood,
although, being round, it would probably cause vignetting if used with the 80mm lenses.


Left: the 150mm Tele-Xenar with the 80mm lens hood that was supplied with it new in 2001.

Kevin Ing has written to tell me, “Bronica SQ lens hoods were exactly the same as the Schneider lens hoods and work perfectly fine on the Schneider lenses... except that they have “Bronica” stenciled on them. =)”
Thank you Kevin!

150mm Kaleinar

Here is the 150mm Kaleinar-3B lens with Arsenal UV filter fitted, and the lens hood beside it. 



Kaleinar with filter and hood fitted.

The Kaleinar lens shade can be stored on the back of the lens, which then still fits into the standard case.  The design is such that no rubbing between the shade and the lens barrel seems to occur.
This lens hood can also be used with the 150mm Hartblei lens, which has the same filter size.
150mm Hartblei

Here is the 150mm Hartblei version of the 150mm Arsenal Kaleinar lens with its clip-on front cap, the Arsenal lens hood and a soft case of the style in which Arsenal lenses, at least, have been supplied since early in the 21st century. 



The 180mm Sonnar was normally supplied with the lens hood shown here:

Lens with hood and (non-original) lens cap.

Filter and shade mounted on lens.
Because the non East German UV filter does not have the same external diameter as the lens, the manufacturer’s lens cap would fall off.  Hence the use of a clip-on lens cap from another manufacturer.

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