The Pentacon Six System
by TRA


The Pentacon Six and its predecessor the Praktisix were manufactured and marketed for over a third of the 20th century.  These cameras, their lenses and accessories constituted a major Medium Format photography system that was sold and used throughout the world over a period of many decades.  Indeed, even in the 21st century, the Pentacon Six system continues to be used for high quality Medium Format film photography in many countries.

Inevitably, a large amount of literature on this system was produced in many languages.  In this section of the website, we shall endeavour to give an overview of some of this literature, with particular focus on literature in English and German.  We naturally cannot reproduce this literature in full.  However, we will aim to show the front cover of items consisting of more than one page, and to give some other key information.  This will provide a good starting point for those who wish to research literature in greater detail.

We here group the literature into various categories.  Please click on the category that interests you to be taken to more information.


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