The Pentacon Six System
by TRA

Where can I get an operating manual for my Pentacon Six?

You can find the Pentacon Six manual at:

This is Nathan Daytonís excellent ďcommiecamerasĒ website. 

Oldtimer Cameras of Hatfield, England, can also provide operating manuals, but not to view on-line.  In my experience, manuals from them are photocopies of the originals.
Their website is
Fax +44 1707 273773

Deutsche Bedienungsanleitungen
You can find German-language operating manuals at  Click on the Download link.

Note about German manuals added 24th June 2007
I am sorry that this link doesnít currently work.  (I donít have any personal knowledge of the owner of that website.)
As an alternative source for a manual, I suggest that you contact Rolf-Dieter Baier.  See
He currently shows a Praktisix manual.  This is similar to, but not the same as, a Pentacon Six, but he may have a manual for you.  You can e-mail him in English or German.
If Herr Baier canít help, I suggest that you set up a search on with the key word Bedienungsanleitung or Gebrauchsanweisung.
Important I suggest that you follow the instructions on this website on loading the camera; following the instructions in the manual can result in problems!
See details here.

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