Pentacon Six TL for sale
A unique opportunity to buy a brand new (!) camera!

Camera sold to J
(Lenses still available)

The items included in this sale
(Serial number partially obscured in image for security reasons; it is full and clear on the actual lens.)

A truly remarkable story

The body for this camera came from uncompleted stock at the Pentacon factory in Dresden at the end of production. It was completed by the Pentacon Six expert Tom Page in England earlier this year, using exclusively new parts from his stock. It is therefore a brand new camera, something that it is impossible to find, and that is why I didn't sell it when Tom made it up for me.  But since then I have moved to a smaller place and need to create some space, so unfortunately this lovely camera must go!

The following items are included:
  • Pentacon Six TL body
  • waist-level finder
  • TTL metering prism
  • base cap for prism for use when off camera
  • brand new battery for prism
  • late production 80mm Biometar lens with front cap
  • take-up spool

If you are interested in buying this marvellous camera, please Contact me via the website mailbox in the usual way.

The face plate does of course say "Pentacon Six TL".
I have added an as-new metering prism, which has also been calibrated by Tom,
and I include the new battery supplied by him.
To the left of the camera in this picture is the base plate for use if the metering prism is stored off the camera.
The lens is a late-production Carl Zeiss Jena Biometar with a 5-digit serial number.
The lens has a lens cap.

View of the top plate of the camera and of the metering prism.
It is possible to appreciate that the shutter speed dial, top plate, lever wind etc. are brand new.

The base of the camera

The new back fitted by Tom has the 1Q (First Quality) logo embossed on the leatherette.
Note that the metering prism also has the rubber spectacle-protector eyepiece that is missing from most prisms that are sold.

Inside view of the back of the camera
As part of the assembly of the camera, it has been fully re-lubricated with new lubricants.
Then shutter speeds, frame spacing and all other functions have been checked and adjusted as necessary.

I got Tom to install a Kiev focussing screen, which is excellent. You
can see the report on this screen here.

Sale price: GBP (pounds sterling) £295.00 + actual postage costs. 
The camera is located within the European Union.

This only just covers what the camera, the lens and the prism cost me and does not cover the cost of having the prism checked and calibrated by Tom Page. 

Most Pentacon Six cameras sold on eBay need at least a full service, which can cost as much as 150 Euros even if there is nothing faulty and no new parts are needed, plus of course postage to and from the repair technician, which can add another 40-80 Euros.

Wide-angle lenses for the Pentacon Six
I also have for sale two 50mm Carl Zeiss Flektogon lenses for the Pentacon Six.
By buying a wide-angle lens at the same time as the above camera, it will be possible to save on postage costs.
To see the lenses, click here.

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