Pentacon Six Mount Cameras
by TRA

Flash photography with the Pentacon Six

An alternative design for a flash bracket holder for the Pentacon Six

It is clear that I was not the only person to think of designing an adapter plate to interface between my Pentacon Six and a flash bracket.  In 2006 the bracket with adapter plate illustrated below was sold on eBay Germany.  This one is built round a folding Hama flash bracket – although with the adapter plate fitted, the bracket does not fold fully flat.

An adapter plate to fit the Hama flash bracket to a Pentacon Six

Here are detailed views of the top and the bottom of this adapter plate.

Top view: The nut “A” fixed into the adapter plate receives a bolt
that is passed through the slot in the base of the flash bracket

Bottom view:  A large bolt goes through “A” and into the tripod socket on the base of the camera.  “B” shows the underside of the nut fixed to the adapter plate, into which a bolt is screwed to hold the flash bracket in place.
“C” and “D” are the holes that accommodate the film spool retaining knobs of the camera.
Bolts “A” and “B” are visible in the top picture on this page
A washer under bolt “B” improves the hold on the flash bracket.
The diameter of holes “C” and “D” is right to give a snug fit on the Pentacon Six.  It would need to be larger if the adapter plate were to be used on the Exakta 66.

This adapter is a lot larger than the others shown on this website, as it goes round the bracket instead of slotting into it.  However, it achieves its object very effectively.

A slight problem with this adapter is that it is not deep enough for the whole of the base of the flash bracket to be recessed within – or at least flush with – the adapter; instead, it sits “proud” of the adapter (arrowed, below):

View from front

This is not a problem as long as the bracket is hand-held, which is likely to be the case on most occasions.

But if the camera with bracket is mounted on a tripod, it will not lie flat on the tripod top plate, unless this is exceptionally small:

View from back

This can of course be resolved by shaving a little bit off the end of the bracket, so that it clears the tripod top plate.

Here is the finished article:

Here I have mounted the Metz–40 MZ-3i flash gun on the bracket 
(using a hot-shoe to cable adaptor on the top of the bracket).
I have pointed the flash up, as the best modelling and softest lighting often results
from bounced flash, if the venue has a ceiling of neutral colour and suitable height.

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