The Pentacon Six System
by TRA
Exploded Parts Diagrams

Pentacon produced exploded diagrams for the camera and for the metering prism.  These are generally hard to find and the image quality is frequently poor.

Camera exploded diagram

I here produce a photographic copy of the camera exploded diagram.  This particular diagram was produced in October 1965 and probably printed prior to 1968 and it was therefore over fifty years old when I photographed it in July 2021.  Over the decades, the paper has darkened and the ink has faded, so the contrast is now very low.  It has also been folded for decades and in spite of my best efforts, it was impossible to flatten it completely when photographing it.  I am therefore unhappy with the quality of the images of it that I obtained, but this is the best that I am able to produce at the present time.  I have increased the contrast, which unfortunately also increases the visibility of the folds.

I have put a thumbnail on this page.  Clicking on it will go to the full-resolution image, which has a file size of about 1 MB.  For this reason, the full-resolution image may only be on the website for a short period of time, subject to the hosting space that is available to me.

Clicking a second time on the larger image will with most browsers increase the image size further.

I am sure that it will be interesting to most visitors to this website, and hope that it may also be helpful to some intrepid (or foolish??) people who are not trained in camera repair but who nevertheless decide to disassemble their Pentacon Six and try to re-assemble it again!


TTL Pentaprism exploded diagram

Here is an exploded view of the Pentacon Six TTL metering pentaprism.  This is from a poor quality photocopy which I have cleaned up as best as possible.  However, I regret that the resolution is not adequate to be able to read all parts numbers.  In spite of this, I hope that it will be of interest and that it may be helpful in some cases.



Separate service manuals are available for the Pentacon Six camera and for the Pentacon Six TTL metering pentaprism, and these are available in English translation (and no doubt also in the original German) at various places on the internet.  It is not possible to host such manuals on this website.

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TRA July 2021