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TRA “Mr Pentacon Six”, 24th March 2020

This website has over the years become the main on-line English-language source of accurate information on the Pentacon Six, and it is quoted from and referred to in other on-line articles about this camera system.
Further updates are constantly being worked on, so please do call in regularly.
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TRA “Mr Pentacon Six”, September 2021

The Pentacon Six system offers an extremely wide range of lenses, viewfinders and accessories.
This is the place to find out about this remarkable system.

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What is a Single Lens Reflex camera
and how does it work?

What is “Medium Format?”

Square Composition
 – or even Panoramic Photography
with the Pentacon Six

Pentacon Six or Digital?

The Cameras The Lenses The Accessories
Macro photography Using Flash Frequently-asked questions
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MAJOR NEW SECTION  Literature on the Pentacon Six  1st PUBLISHED AUGUST 2018
Here (and in the title above) is the link to the title page and index for the Literature section.
Here you will find information about books on the Pentacon Six and Praktisix, publicity by the manufacturers and the distributors on the cameras, lenses and accessories, plus advertisements and reviews.

Here (and in the title above) is the link to the title page and index for the History section.
Find out about the predecessors of the Pentacon Six, the history of the name, serial numbers, and much more!
Operating Instructions
The Faulty Part with the Pentacon Six

Website upgrades

This website is continually being upgraded, sometimes in response to questions sent to me by visitors.

New features include:

  • information on further lenses (located in the lens data section for the manufacturer in question)
  • reviews of further lenses that I have tested (located in the lens tests section for the focal length in question)
  • more information on accessories
  • additional facts and illustrations on lens data summary pages
  • many new illustrations
  • answers to questions that I have been frequently asked
  • updated links to other websites
  • Video tutorials.  To find these quickly, click here.
  • A search on YouTube for “Pentacon Six Expert” or “PentaconSixExpert” should also take you to this website’s videos.
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Over the past 10-15 years, most newcomers to photography have probably started with a digital camera or even a mobile phone.  While these items are extremely useful, they tend to do most or all of the ‘thinking’ for the photographer (on exposure, shutter speed, aperture and focus).  People who find themselves restricted by the limitations of these devices are turning in increasing numbers to film cameras, and especially to Medium Format Film Cameras like the Pentacon Six.  This website seeks to make the transition to this camera easier, by explanations not only of how to operate the camera, but also of general photographic principles.  It is hoped that this will enable photographers to develop their skills and thus enhance the quality of the pictures that they take.

Some explanations come on new pages, indicated at the appropriate time on the Upgrades page.  Others take the form of improvements to existing pages, which may have been expanded since you last visited them.  To find the latest news and upgrades quickly, click here.

Many general explanations can be accessed via the Instructions page, here.

Enjoy your visit, and do come back to visit me here regularly!

August 2016

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TRA, August 2016

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