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Where can I get a Rollei focussing screen for my Pentacon Six / Exakta 66?

Q: About the Rollei screen, can I get any Rollei screen (for any Rollei 6 X 6 model)?  Would it fit my camera and do I need to adjust for the focusing? 

A: For the Rollei screen you need one that has been cut to size for the Exakta 66 or Pentacon Six, and unless you are used to doing these things yourself, you need it professionally installed, to ensure that it is at the right height and therefore gives you correct focussing.

The Rollei screen is specially produced for the Exakta 66 and Pentacon Six.  I am only aware of two sources for this screen:
The manufacturers in Germany:
Pentacon GmbH
Enderstrasse 92    [note slight change to address]
D-01277 Dresden
Tel: 00 49 351 25 89 213
or   00 49 351 25 89 286

Rolf-Dieter Baier in Germany

The screen is fitted with a different retaining wire from that used with the original Pentacon Six screen, because of the difference in screen thickness, so you need that as well as the screen itself.  The Exakta 66 Mk I screen was mounted in a black plastic frame, to enable the user to change it, but this had the double disadvantages of reducing the visible area and darkening the image.

An alternative that is very nearly as good is the fresnel screen produced in East Germany for the Pentacon Six from the 1960s until the end of the production of the camera in 1990.

A screen that is apparently similar is available from Rick Oleson in the USA.  This has been recommended to me by a visitor to this website, although some other visitors have not liked it.  Click on his name to be taken to his web page.  I have no personal experience of this screen and have never seen one of them.

You can read more about focussing screens here.

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