The Pentacon Six System
by TRA

I want a 20mm lens for my Pentacon Six. 
Where can I find one?

You will not find a 20mm lens for a medium format camera.  Bear in mind that as the film gate is so much larger than with 35mm cameras, it is necessary to adjust the relationship between focal lengths and angles of view. 

A simple comparison is not easy, as a 6 × 6 (2¼" square) frame is square, while a 35mm frame is not.  However, a rough calculation is that if you halve the focal length of a medium format lens, and add a bit, you'll get to an approximate equivalent of the 35mm camera lens with the same angle of view.

So an 80mm standard lens on a 6 × 6 camera will roughly equal the angle of view of a 43mm lens on a 35mm camera.
Here are some other approximate comparisons. 

6 × 6 camera 35mm equivalent
65mm 35mm
50mm 28mm
45mm 24mm
40mm 21mm
However, you are extremely unlikely to find a 40mm lens in the Kiev 60 / Pentacon Six mount.  Very few were ever made, and I have never seen a finished 40mm lens in this mount (other than the one that I finished! click here to find out more).  In fact, I bought a Hasselblad only because it came with a 40mm Distagon lens, which you can see in the lens test section of this website.

Nevertheless, the 45mm Arsenal Mir lens is not difficult to find and is generally very good, especially when stopped down.  It is also a lot smaller than the 50mm Carl Zeiss Jena Flektogon lens (which is actually a better lens).  Make sure that you get the Mir in the right mount, as it is also available in the Salyut/Kiev 88 mount, which will not fit the Kiev 60.

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