The Kiev B.i.G.
A review written in 1998
by TRA

[C223-37: Brennerís Kiev "B.i.G.-Six"]

This camera is quite different from the Pentacon Six design, but I am including this review of it as a modified version of the Pentacon Six lens mount has been adopted for it.  Click on the section that interests you below, or start with the first one and follow the links through to the end.



The basic concept

In what ways is the Kiev B.i.G. better?

Lens mount

Close-up accessories: extension tubes and bellows

Use of Kiev 88 accessories
This includes a description of the Wind crank and the Side Grip

Newer versions of the Kiev 88 camera with Pentacon Six lens mount
Camera design moves on, and the Kiev 88 cameras available new from Michael Fourman of Kiev Camera since February 2002 are a big improvement on this model.  To contact Kiev Camera, go to the Links page.

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