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Arax Foto
This company run by Gevorg Vartanyan has an excellent reputation for customer service and the quality of its products.  It is located in Kiev.  Recommended.

Baier Foto
Rolf-Dieter Baier is a small, specialist manufacturer and supplier of Pentacon, Exakta and Kiev equipment.  He will reply to you in English (if you wish!) and delivers goods promptly.  Baier Foto, which is based in Germany, can provide you with an adapter to enable the Kiev 60 TTL prism to be used on the Pentacon Six and/or Exakta 66.  This is MUCH brighter than the standard prism, and also shows the whole of the focussing screen, which the standard prism does not.  Camera and lens servicing and other useful modifications and accessories are available, including a film advance control to solve overlapping frames, if correct loading procedure or a service doesn’t cure a problem with this.

Brenner Fotoversand
Brenner Fotoversand is a large and in my experience very reliable photographic mail-order supplier in Germany.  (They also have a shop near their warehouse.)  They supply a wide range of Arsenal, Pentacon and Exakta Medium Format equipment, including Zorkendorfer adapters.
A major English-language source for authoritative and detailed information on Pentacon and Kiev cameras and lenses.

This international marketplace is a good place to look for Pentacon, Exakta and Kiev cameras, lenses and accessories.  Relatively more items come up from Germany than from other sources, but most items are illustrated, and many vendors can communicate in English at some level.  “Buyer beware!” does of course apply with all auctions, especially internationally and via the Internet, but eBay do provide some guarantees that may be helpful.
e-Bay USA   e-Bay UK    e-Bay Germany

German-language links (Webseiten auf deutscher Sprache)
If you read German, you will find various websites with information on Dresden cameras.  I regret that the link that I previously gave here, which had the internet address has at times not worked (for instance, in October 2007).  However, in February 2008 this link was working again, and an internet search will give you others.

Kiev Camera
This company is run by Mike Fourman, who for many years has been one of the best sources in the USA for the newest and latest versions of Kiev cameras.

I also recommend:

I have had very positive experiences buying from Gevorg Vartanyan of Arax Foto, from Zhanna and from DVD Technik.

The Kiev Report
This discussion group is a place where everyone from beginners to experts meet and share information.  No question is too simple or too advanced -- someone will usually provide an answer within a day or two.
This website has information, pictures and on-line copies of Arsenal publicity brochures.  Well worth visiting!

Who better to service and upgrade the Pentacon Six (and Exakta 66) than the people who made it?!  These people will also fit the brighter Rollei focussing screen, re-calibrate the TTL meter for it, and fit a mirror pre-release, if you want one.  Their website doesn’t currently seem to include any information on the Pentacon Six and Exakta 66, but they do still service these cameras.  See the repairers page on this website for contact details.

Rick Denney’s lens tests
Visit Rick’s site to see beautiful pictures taken with various cameras, including some of these cameras and lenses.  To see the pictures, click here and navigate to the various links.
His website also reports on tests with several lenses, including one of the shift lenses not tested by me.  To see these reports, click here and navigate to the various links.

Roskam Optics
Hans Roskam is one of the most respected European suppliers and repairers of Pentacon, Exakta and Kiev equipment.  Based in Holland, he is knowledgeable, reliable and helpful.

SRB are specialist custom manufacturers of filter rings and other camera accessories.  They made a very nice adapter ring for my 600mm mirror lens.  They also worked with Tom Page and me to mount the 40mm Curtagon lens in an Exakta 66 barrel.  They have recently merged with another company, Griturn, and moved a short distance from Luton, England to Dunstable.  Most of the original staff are still with them, plus of course the staff from Griturn, so the new firm does all that SRB did, and more.  Their website address and telephone number have also changed, but the link here will take you to their new website.
Niclas Walser in Germany bought out the remaining stock of Exakta 66 equipment from the manufacturers when the model was discontinued in October 2000.  He now has few Exakta 66 items left, but it is worth checking his website just in case.  He trades as and on Ebay as nikke. (include the final full stop if doing a search for him on eBay)

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