The Pentacon Six System
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Where can I get my Pentacon Six or Exakta 66 serviced or repaired?

Like all cameras, the Pentacon Six needs occasional servicing.  You can see exploded diagrams of the camera and the TTL metering pentaprism here.  There is information on a possible source of servicing manuals here.

Here are details of some repairers of these cameras and the lenses for them.


Foto Merten

I have just (31st March 2020) received a recommendation for a repairer in Germany who was previously unknown to me:

In recent days, I sent two PENTACON six TL cameras to the "FOTO MERTEN" photo repair laboratory in Ilmenau (Germany):   Yesterday the cameras came back perfectly repaired.
So I would like to recommend this excellent repairman of photographic equipment from the former-DDR who has proven to know the PENTACON six very thoroughly.

I see that on their website FOTO MERTEN state:  (see English translation below)
“Mittelformat-Kameras der Kamera- und Kinowerke Dresden, später Pentacon Dresden, sind die ältere Praktisix mit Variationen und die spätere Pentacon six, inclusive des TTL-Prismenaufsatzes.
Auch hier können wir bei der Reparatur auf ein umfangreiches Sortiment von Originalersatzteilen zurückgreifen.”

English translation:

Medium Format cameras from the manufacturer Kamera- und Kinowerke Dresden [KW], later Pentacon Dresden, are the older Praktisix cameras and variations of it and the later Pentacon six, including the TTL-Metering Prism.
Also with these items we have access to a comprehensive stock of original spare parts.

Foto Merten
Güldene Pforte 7
98693 Ilmenau
Tel.: 0 36 77 / 89 44 64

What excellent news!  Thank you, Alessandro!

Pentacon Service in Dresden

Resumption of Pentacon Six and Exakta 66 repairs and servicing by Pentacon Service, Dresden

I am pleased to be able to report that Pentacon Service in Dresden have reached agreement with a local repairer to undertake the repair, service and upgrade of Pentacon Six and Exakta 66 cameras.  He has years of experience, going back to GDR times, of repairing and servicing Pentacon Six cameras.  Pentacon Service will make available to him spares as required.

As well as providing servicing and repairs, he will also be able to offer the upgrade of Pentacon Six (TL) and Exakta 66 Mk I cameras to the Rollei focussing screen that was supplied with the Exakta 66 Mk II and Mk III, but he will not undertake the MLU (mirror pre-release) modification, as this requires technical modifications within the camera and Herr Frenzel was the only person with the knowledge required to do this.

If you wish to use this service facility, I suggest that in the first instance you contact Pentacon Service in Dresden (address below), and they will advise you whether to send your camera to them or directly to the repairer whom they have contracted.

Pentacon Service continues to offer full servicing for lenses for the Pentacon Six and Exakta 66, as well as for their ranges of 35mm cameras and lenses, including the L and B series.

15th October 2012

Suspension of Pentacon Six & Exakta 66 Servicing and repairs by Pentacon Dresden
It is with the greatest regret and sadness that I have to report that late yesterday I received the fully unexpected news that Jürgen Frenzel, the Pentacon Six and Exakta 66 specialist at Pentacon Service in Dresden has without advance warning suddenly died.  He was the one person on their staff who serviced and upgraded these cameras.

They are therefore having to suspend repairs and service for these cameras at the present time.  They still offer a repair service for the lenses and also for other Pentacon cameras such as the Praktica series.

They are trying to find another specialst workshop that they can recommend.  As soon as I receive any further information on this, I will post it here.

Jürgen Frenzel had worked at Pentacon in Dresden for at least 30 years.  I extend my deepest sympathy to his colleagues, friends and family.

TRA 25.9.12.

Jürgen Frenzel in Dresden, April 2012
Picture taken by me on a Pentacon Six TL
that had been serviced and upgraded by him

Pentacon in Dresden still offer full service and upgrade facilities on Pentacon and Exakta 35mm cameras.  [See above paragraphs - 25.9.12.]

Pentacon GmbH
Enderstrasse 92
D-01277 Dresden
Telephone: International + 49 351 2589 213
Fax: International + 49 351 2589 303
Note new e-mail address 23.6.2010:
e-mail: or


Another repairer and upgrader in Germany is Rolf-Dieter Baier.  He speaks excellent English.  Click on the link to go to his website.  However, in November 2020 he closed down his business, although at the time leaving his website up for information purposes only.

Foto-Service Olbrich, Görlitz

A German visitor to this website sent me an e-mail in which he said:
“BTW, there is a repairman in Germany who totally rebuilds Pentacon lenses for a very reasonable price:
Foto-Service Olbrich
Emmerichstraße 17
02826 Görlitz
Tel.: International + 49 3581  40 12 41
Fax: International + 49 3581  40 12 68

New website in June 2023:
Telephone number as before.  Note new fax number now given above.

E-mail address:
“I paid around 35 Euro + VAT + shipping for a total dissassembly, cleaning of all elements, lubricating, adjusting for each lens (the 120 lens had fungus, the 300 lens needed repair to the aperture).”

In December 2005 Pentacon Dresden recommended Foto-Service Olbrich for more complicated lens repairs requiring an optical bench.  I telephoned them, and they definitely have the equipment necessary to do this.  They sound very helpful, and in February 2006 I sent them two lenses, one for repair and the other for a service.  The lenses came back promptly and Herr Olbrich had done an excellent job on them for 40 Euros each + VAT + a very modest charge for shipping (a lot less than it cost me to send the lenses to them!).  To see more details on one of the lenses repaired, click here and scroll down to near the bottom of the page.  I have subsequently sent Olbrich other lenses, on which he has done excellent work.

January 2014 I have just spoken to Herr Olbrich.  He and his daughter, Andrea Schönfelder, continue to offer servicing of Pentacon Six cameras and lenses, as well as for many other models and makes of cameras and lenses.

March 2020 I believe that Foto-Service Olbrich now has limited spare parts for the Pentacon Six, so it is best to contact them before sending equipment to them.  They do of course also service and repair camera lenses from various manufacturers.

Kameraservice Ostkreuz, Berlin

In July 2007 I received a recommendation from Tobias in Germany for another repairer in Berlin.  Here are the details:
Kameraservice Ostkreuz
Gunter Prügel
Neue Bahnhofstraße 6
10245 Berlin
Tel.: 030 / 291 36 26
Tobias says: “I got my Pentacon six fixed.  I am really pleased with the result.  They seem to have specialised in all kind of Eastern Germany Cameras especially the Pentacon and Praktica series.”

A list of other repairers in Germany can be found at click on the Service link.

The United Kingdom

Tom Page has asked me to remove him from this website, as it is generating too much work for him!  Thank you, Tom, for your decades of service to users of the Pentacon Six and other classic cameras!

I recommend to visitors to this website who are looking for a repairer within Europe (including the UK) to contact Pentacon Service in Dresden (details above) or one of the other European repairers named on this page.

In February 2021 a repairer in Scotland was recommended to me: Cameratiks of Edinburgh.  On 12th February 2021 their repairs page can be found here: .  They recently repaired a Pentacon Six for someone who lives in Edinburgh and their services will be of particular interest to residents of the U.K., as well as to people from some other countries.


In February 2001 I received information on a recommended repairer in Poland.  A visitor to this website writes:
“in Poland we have at least two or three repair shops which are able more or less to do something with the Pentacon Six ...  - I'm personally using services of one in Lodz -
Piotrkowska Street 85
- they do everything rather slowly (well - they are specialising in old stuff ... so they are almost constantly occupied) - but the engineer working with Sixes is very reliable and I can recommend him ... - he was once a worker at Jena - and (received) some training in Dresden - so he always know what he is doing.”

Additional information:
Telephone number: +48 42 639 92 89
“They should be able to communicate in Polish and English (probably a bit of Russian or German too but I’m not sure).  I forgot to add that they have very reasonable prices - but they don’t do Kievs (any kind), but they should be able to repair Exaktas.”

Repairer in Warsaw

In March 2014 I received information on a recommended repairer in Warsaw.  Here is what Piotr writes:
"here is another reliable place to service your Pentacon six TL:
I take all my analog Asashi Spotmatic/Pentax cameras for cleaning and service to this place and was never disapointed.
The chief-in-charge of the place is Mr Tadeusz - one of the nicest and most charming men I've ever met.
Prices are reasonable - as for what we earn here."
Aparatfoto's website states: "Checking of the correct operation of the equipment is performed on the spot free of charge."
Here is a link to the front page of Aparatfoto's website:
(A knowledge of Polish will be helpful to navigate the website.)
Thank you, Piotr!
It is always good to know of other reparairs who can service these cameras.


In May 2012 I received a recommendation for a repairer in Barcelona, Spain.  A Spanish visitor to this website wrote:
“My Psix with MLU works like a "Swiss Watch".  In Spanish this is the "best working category". The 80mm lens had a problem with oil on the blades, and a fungus inside.  These problems were resolved by the repairman. My 80mm lens is with the diaphragm ring in aluminium, I think  50 years old?  Age´s problems.”  [TRA: without knowing the serial number, I think that you have got the age of the lens about right.]
The repairer is: Joaquin Laborda Daura
The company is Casa Sánchez
C/ Entenza no 133 Bajos Interior
Tfno. 93 226 71 16.
See also:
E-mail :
23 December 2012:
I have just received the news that unfortunately this repairer can no longer service the Pentacon Six, because of lack of spare parts.
However, the person who e-mailed me from Spain recommended Kameraservice Ostkreuz in Berlin (details higher up in this column).  He said that the repair was speedy and the camera now functions “marvellously well”.  He tells me that the repair price was also appropriate.


Gevorg Vartanyan of Arax Foto in Kiev offers extensive repair facilities for Kiev cameras.  However, I have just learnt (December 2010) that Arax does not repair or service Pentacon Six cameras.  If you have a Kiev camera that needs repairing, don’t be put off by his location.  Ukraine is proud to be part of the new, free Europe.  I have had good experience in buying from him, and reports that I have seen of his service and his products have been extremely positive.  Recommended.


I have also never sent equipment to Canada for repair, but one Canadian Pentacon Six user wrote the following to me in September 2004:
Personally, I have had many of my cameras serviced in Toronto at Commercial Camera Repair Limited,
5311 Young Street,
M2N 5R4
Tel 416-223-2257 [if the internet hides part of this number, move the mouse over it and the number should appear: 416 223 2257]
Fax 416-223-5715



I have no personal experience of Pentacon Six repairers in the USA.  However, below I give information on some repairers who have been recommended to me.

Lower down this column: see December 2018 update on Leonid Treskunov

Stanislav Studzinskiy - Petersburg, NY
On the Kiev Report photographic forum in March 2011 a contributor gave the website of a repairer in Petersburg, NY.  Here it is:
This repairer obviously specialises in cameras and lenses from the former Soviet Union, including the Kiev 60 and the Kiev 88.  He says that he repairs some “Pentakon” lenses (he is clearly more familiar with the Russian spelling), but he lists 80mm, 120mm and 250mm and there is no Pentacon 250mm lens – although there are of course 250mm lenses with the Pentacon Six mount.

In April 2011 I saw very positive feedback on Stanislav’s work.

I sent four lenses to Stanislav for a variety of repair and internal cleaning needs.  I am happy to report that his work was outstanding, and I am completely satisfied and pleased with the results.  In one case he even made an older first-series Biometar look like new, which I was not expecting.  I could not be happier with his work.
I would highly recommend Stanislav for anyone looking for repair work on their Kiev or Pentacon camera or other equipment. ...

Incidentally, Stanislav’s English is excellent, so for those of us who are only able to communicate in English, it is very easy to communicate with Stanislav and describe exactly what you would like done with your equipment.  He also completed the work very quickly and I received the lenses back very, very quickly. 
Highly recommended!

In July 2012 I received the following extremely-favourable report on this repairer’s work:

I would like to recommend the following repairman in the United States:

Stanislav Studzinskiy
12 Olneys Road
Petersburg, NY 12138

I sent my MC Arsat 30mm f/3.5 lens to him for replacement of iris diaphragm lever and for CLA. The service was completed within three weeks, including shipping time. There are booksellers who cannot fulfill an order in this short space of a time.

Stanislav specializes in cameras and lenses from the Arsenal factory in Kiev, Ukraine. He tells me that he is able to CLA Zeiss lenses for the Pentacon Six such as Biometars, Flektogons, and Sonnars.

I found his name on the TRA website on the repair service page.  This note is to confirm and update your data files.  Please note the spelling of Stanislav Studzinskiy.  Your website may have transposed the last two letters of his name.

Stanislav recommends that my lens be stored with diaphragm set at f/22, apparently to relax the aperture spring.

Thank you for the website!


Thank you, Michael, for the information and the correction! - TRA


Gary Camera Repair - Staten Island
Nathan Dayton (website: gives the following details on repairers in the USA:
Gary Camera Repair 
228 Hett Avenue
Staten Island
NY 10306
“Gary does good work and is inexpensive.”


Leonid Treskunov - New Jersey
9A Poplar La.
Old Bridge              See new contact details, below!
New Jersey 08857
“Leonid is a little more expensive but does exquisite work. He repaired 2 Pentacons for me and they are better than the new cameras that I have. I can not say too much good about his work.”

1st January 2008.  Trescam now has a website:
His address and telephone number have also changed to:
Trescam, Inc
131 Community Circle
Old Bridge, NJ 08857
The e-mail address remains as above.

In December 2018 I was delighted to receive the excellent news that Leonid Treskunov is still carrying out excellent repairs.

I would like to provide a reference to  Leonid Treskunov - he had helped me two times already and I am very pleased with his quality of work, communication and speed.
A year ago he had replaced a mirror on my Exakta 66 and recently he performed CLA and some repair on my another Exakta 66.

Feedback on the repairers listed here (and any others!) is always welcome, as it helps other users.  Thank you!

Fema Binder - New York
26th June 2007.  I have just received a further recommendation for a repairer in New York City.  Noel writes as follows:
“I wish to submit to you another repairman in NYC besides Mr. Smolov and Gary Camera Repair. He is gentleman by the name of Fema Binder from Kiev and he does excellent work. When I was looking for help I consulted your site and tried to communicate with Mr. Smolov at the time, but I understand he was taken ill. This was on the grapevine in NYC among the small tight circle of repairmen who handle Pentacon and Kiev cameras. Finding Mr. Fema Binder was a Godsend, and I recommend him to you and all the folks who frequent your site for any information you have to offer. These are his vitals:
Panorama Camera Center
124 West 30th Street
New York, NY 10001
He is located on the third floor of the building after having moved his operation from the store that fronted on the street.”
Thank you Noel for this recommendation!


Ross Yerkes - Los Angeles
For repairs in Los Angeles, you can call Ross Yerkes.
342 Kirby St
Los Angeles
Telephone: (international access +) 1 323 256 1018
He specialises in Noritas but I have heard that he services and repairs Pentacon Sixes.  He is an excellent camera repairer and a good man. – recommendation by TRA

In April 2006 I also received an e-mail about Ross from a user in Iowa.  He wrote:

“I had a shutter speed problem with one of my Pentacon Six bodies and sent it off to Ross Yerkes in LA for service, he did a great job of getting the camera back to like new condition.  Thank you for listing him in the service area of your site. Thought you might like some feedback on the people who repair these wonderful cameras.”

Eddie Smolov - Brooklyn
“Eddie CLAed my Pentacon Six after I first obtained it and repaired it again after my tripod fell over. His work is very good, relatively inexpensive, anf fast – what more could you ask for?  He also repaired the diaphragm mechanism on ny 120 mm Vega and did an internal cleaning of a cloudy Schneider Componon enlarging lens for me for only $15. 
Eddie’s business is located within the Photofaction camera store at 7th Avenue between President and Carroll Streets in Park Slope, Brooklyn.
Bob Marvin” [September 2004]

On 14 May 2007, Sam Sherman reported “Eddy is now working from home and you can call him on his cell phone - 718-541-0952  Eddy can work on almost anything ... the work is good and the prices low.”

Update February 2011
A reliable source has provided a new address and contact details for Eddie Smolov:
1660 E. 21 str. #3D
Brooklyn, NY 11210
718 541-0952
347 922-7275

Update October 2011
On 7th October 2011 I received the following e-mail from a visitor to this website:

'I emailed Eddy about a broken Pentacon Six and unfortunately he's no longer doing repairs. Just thought you'd like to update your website.

"At this time I am no longer taking any repairs because of my impaired health and am currently seeking treatment. As an alternative to me, I recommend you get in touch with a colleague of mine, Jerry Sorin, an experienced camera technician with nearly 30 years experience. He will provide the same service as I do.  Sorry for the inconvenience." '

My thanks to the visitor who sent me this information.
We naturally extend our best wishes to Eddy for speedy and successful treatment.

Update 28th February 2012
I have today been informed that Jerry Sorin has passed away.  I extend my condolences to his family and other loved ones.

July 2012
Eddy continues to seek suitable treatment and so is still not accepting equipment for repair.  We extend to him our best wishes for speedy recovery.

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