The Pentacon Six System
by TRA

What size filters does the 65mm Flektogon take?

It takes 86mm filters with a pitch of 1mm.  It is one of four Carl Zeiss Jena lenses for the Pentacon Six that takes this size of filters.  The other three are:

  • the 50mm Flektogon
  • the 180mm Sonnar
  • the 300mm Sonnar
This website now includes the filter sizes for all lenses with the Pentacon Six mount from Carl Zeiss Jena, Arsenal and Schneider-Kreuznach.  To go to the lens data section, click here.

For more information on East German filters for the Pentacon Six, see here.

Luca in Italy suggests using filter size adapter rings, to avoid having to buy the same filters in different sizes.  For instance, if you have the 80mm Arsat lens, which takes 62mm filters, buy a 62mm to 67mm step-up ring and 67mm filters, which you can then also use on the 120mm Biometar and most of the Joseph Schneider lenses.

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