The Pentacon Six System
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A Grip for the Pentacon Six

A Pentacon Six with a right-hand grip!

In my suggestions for improving the Pentacon Six (here), I proposed a hand grip, which would have improved handling and could also have provided housing for batteries used to power a light meter built into the camera body.  However, Pentacon never did develop a hand grip for the camera (nor did they build a meter into the body!).  But here is a Pentacon Six right-hand grip!

This grip was advertised on eBay.  It has been made using a 3D printer.  It is well-fitting and appears to be strong.  It certainly does improve the handling of the camera, if used without the case, which will not fit the camera with the grip fitted.  We also note that with the grip in place, it is not possible to use the camera’s delayed-action lever.


This top view shows more of the shape of the grip.  The studded finish provides a good grip and ensures that the camera should not slip in the hand, when held normally.  The grip is comfortable to hold, and access to the shutter release button is easy.  It is also extremely light-weight and the improvement in holding the camera more than compensates for the additional weight of the grip.

It would not be possible to mount an accessory shoe, such as a flash shoe, on the top of the grip, as this would make advancing the film/cocking the shutter impossible, and would also make access to the shutter release button difficult.


Here we can see that the grip fits the camera snugly.  The base plate has recesses for the two spool holder knobs.  It also prevents the small lever that opens the back from being caught on anything and opening the back by accident.

This design prevents the film from being changed without removing the grip.

However, it does provide a sturdy flat base that enables the camera to be placed securely on any flat surface.  We could imagine placing the camera on a suitable table or other flat surface in order to take a photograph of the interior of a bulding, perhaps with a quite slow shutter speed.  In a similar fashion, I have supported a Pentacon Six (without this grip!) on the back of a pew, in order to take a picture of the dimly-lit interior of a church.  See picture below.

Hofkirche of the Residenz at Würzburg, Germany  Pentacon Six (non-TL), Kodacolor II 50mm Flektogon at f/4 1/8 sec, hand-held (supported on a pew)

The virtually vibration-free operation of the Pentacon Six shutter and mirror makes such “impossible” shots possible.  The quietness of the shutter also avoids disturbing other people present in places of worship.



Here we can see how the grip is attached to the base of the camera.  The locking bolt came with the grip.  It can be turned with a coin, or the wire section can be folded out in order to turn it with a forefinger and thumb.

We note that the locking bolt is not drilled to take a tripod screw, so the grip would need to be removed if the camera were to be used on a tripod.

While we can think of minor improvements, such as the provision of a tripod socket, the grip is a welcome addition to the accessories available for the Pentacon Six.  I prefer to carry my Pentacon Six in the bottom section of the case, usually attached to an Op/Tech USA Double Harness via their System connectors (see here).  However, many users of the Pentacon Six may prefer to add one of these grips to their camera.  As I have not implemented its regular use, I cannot evaluate how strong and long-lasting it is.

At the time of writing, a web page is available from someone who apparently makes these grips.  I have no knowledge about the person in question, and don’t know if the eBay vendor from whom I bought the above grip is the same person or not.  For that page, see:  I can of course accept no liability for other people’s web pages, the content of which may also change over time without my knowledge.  This link was working with the described content on 6th and 7th January 2021.  I am not in a position to endorse anyone who may produce or sell these grips.  I have described the grip that I have.  There are also other versions of a Pentacon Six grip, and perhaps other manufacturers and other suppliers.

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