The Pentacon Six System
by TRA

Camera Operating Instructions

Here is the information that you need to operate this camera correctly.  Click on the links below to go to the relevant section.
The links in the left-hand box below also give some information and instruction on general photographic principles with manual cameras.

1.  Names of the parts of the camera

2.  Loading film   Video tutorial

3.  Using the metering prism   Video tutorials

4.  Choosing the right aperture and shutter speed

5.  Controlling focus

6.  The effect of different lenses on focus

7.  Using the mirror pre-release

8.  Using flash

9.  Changing lenses

10. Unloading the film

11.  Finding the serial number (scroll down)

12. Metering with the Exakta 66

13. How to attach accessories to the prism
14. Using filters on the camera lens

15. Using extension tubes for close-up photography

16. Getting the correct exposure in close-up photography

17. Tips on how to use shift lenses

18. Using the Pentacon Six in near-zero and sub-zero temperatures

Video Tutorials

Checks before you buy: Video tutorial 1 here

Checks before you buy: Video tutorial 2 here  See further comments on this video here.

Loading film Video tutorial here

Film spacing test Video tutorial here

Shutter-speed priority stop-down metering Video tutorial here

Aperture priority stop-down metering Video tutorial here

Full-aperture metering Video tutorial here

Setting the aperture on Meyer/Pentacon pre-set lenses,
Video tutorial 1 here

Setting the aperture on Meyer/Pentacon lenses,
Video tutorial 2 here

How to use the bellows on the Pentacon Six Video tutorial here

Youtube problems

Google is constantly changing the way that people who post videos on Youtube can access and reply to comments.  Sometimes, access is easy.  Sometimes (frequently!) it is impossible.

I receive an e-mail whenever anyone posts a comment or a question on any of these videos, but it is often impossible for me to post a replyAlso, since comments have to be approved by me before they appear publicly, on those occasions when logging-in is impossible, I am not able to approve your comment, and so it won't (or shouldn't, by Youtube rules) appear.

By the way, up to the time of writing I have never blocked any comment, even if critical.  (But I might block postings with offensive language, if there ever were any.)

The best way to contact me with questions is therefore via an e-mail to this website (See "Contact me" on many pages, including here.)
In normal circumstances, I check my mailbox every day, and try to reply the same day.
TRA, 3 December 2014

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