The Pentacon Six System
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[C311-1:  The Pentacon Six is part of a comprehensive camera system that includes accessories to meet most needs.]

Pentacon Six mount cameras provide the basis for a complete outfit, with a wide range of accessories covering virtually all areas of photography.

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For information about publicity literature on accessories for the Pentacon Six, see here.

There is quite a selection of “waist-level” finders, magnifying heads, prisms and metering prisms.

    Waist level finders & magnifying heads


Viewing aids
Including angle finders, focussing screens, the magnifying attachments and the magnifier heads.

Focussing screens
Details of focussing screens for the Pentacon Six and Exakta 66

     How to change focussing screens

     Using a Kiev screen in a Pentacon Six

Flash shoes and brackets, etc
For information on all aspects of flash photography with the Pentacon Six, follow this link.

A hand grip for the Pentacon Six
A useful
third party” accessory

Cases for the Pentacon Six, and the Exakta 66 carrying strap
Cases for the Pentacon Six and straps for the Pentacon Six and the Exakta 66 – and where to find the camera serial number!

Straps for the Pentacon Six
Including details of strap lug clips from Baierfoto and reviews of the Kaiser strap from Baierfoto and the Dual Harness from Op/Tech USA

Alternative strap connectors
Is it possible to use Op/Tech USA strap connectors on the Pentacon Six?

Changing the strap lugs
Is it possible to change the strap lugs on the Pentacon Six?

Body front and top caps and lens back caps
Which ones are best, and which are worst?

An in-depth introduction to using filters in general, and to filters that were specifically made in East Germany for Pentacon Six lenses in particular.

“Square” filter systems
An introduction to the use of square and rectangular filter systems on the Pentacon Six and the Exakta 66

Lens hoods or shades
This section covers most lens hoods or shades that are available for lenses with the Pentacon Six mount.


The Pentacon Six is ideal for close-up photography, with bellows, various sets of extension tubes and also numerous other accessories that are particularly helpful for close-up work.  Click on the word "Macro" above to be taken to links to all macro pages.  The links below take you to some of the main pages (but not to all of them).

This section summarises the equipment available for macro photography and most importantly provides all the charts from Pentacon showing image reproduction ratios, distances to the subject, image sizes – and exposure compensation factors that are needed when a TTL metering prism is not used.

The Pentacon Six bellows
Including details of the focussing slide, the double cable release, the reversing tube and the aperture control ring.

The Exakta 66 bellows
This unit has a built-in focussing slide and a long extension.

The Novoflex bellows
The Novoflex unit has a slide copying attachment.

Mamiya “technical bellows”
These bellows can be adapted for use on the Pentacon Six, turning it into a “View Camera”.

Close-up tubes
Here are details of close-up (or extension) tubes made by Pentacon, Exakta and Arsenal.

Mirror pre-release
This was fitted as standard to the Exakta 66 Mk III but is also available as an upgrade from Pentacon in Dresden for earlier models of the Exakta 66 and for the Pentacon Six.

The Macro lenses
Here is the place to find information on the Joseph Schneider macro lenses available in Exakta 66 / Pentacon Six mount.  I am not aware of any published source for this information, which I have compiled on the basis of my tests with the lenses.

The Pentacon tripod
The Pentacon brand’s own tripod

A tripod for heavy lenses
A tripod for the heaviest and longest lenses

Tripods for low-level shots
An evaluation of tripods for shooting near to ground level

A lens bracket for long lenses
A home-made bracket for long lenses

A cradle for long lenses
A commercially-designed cradle for supporting long lenses that don’t have their own tripod socket

Other items
An adapter that matches Kiev 6C and Kiev 60 prisms to the Pentacon Six and Exakta 66, tripod bush adapters, and adapters to use Pentacon Six lenses on other cameras.
No Kiev 88 prism can be mounted on a Pentacon Six and I do not believe that any adapter exists to make this possible.

For a review of the rarely-seen FAN-1 wide-angle converter, see here.

To see the use of Pentacon and Exakta 66 close-up accessories with the Kiev 88 / “B.i.G.”, click here.

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